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San Antonio, The Spirit Of Texas

As the 8th largest city in the entire U.S.A, San Antonio is a vibrant and busy Texas city filled with charm. The city has theme parks to visit such as Sea World and Six Flags.  There are museums and art galleries to visit and loads of shopping to experience.

San Antonio is a city is geared for visitors of all ages with a lot for kids to do including the San Antonio’s Children’s Museum, the Tower of the Americas and the All-Around playground.  The San Antonio zoo has over 3000 animals and is recognized as one of the best zoos in the U.S.

If you are interested in art, culture and theatre there are so many attractions for you, it would be an extraordinary effort to visit them all during your vacation. You’ll want to come back again to see the rest.

Our city is a friendly place that not only evolves as a booming and prosperous place but also holds its original charm.  The entertainment value makes this an excellent place to visit or to live, work and play.

The Paseo del Rio (meaning the river walk) is a must do for any tourist to this city.  It’s a two and a half mile cobble and flagstone trail throughout the business district.  You can visit the many shops, clubs and eating establishments while enjoying the view of the river and walking along the cobbles.  There’s always something happening here and a visit to this locale isn’t complete without a ride on the Boat. There’s even a place to get married (Marriage Island) if you’re so inclined and a river taxi service as well as quick boat tours and long dining cruises.

Near the River Walk is the Market Square.  It’s a unique shopping experience that showcases much of the culture that exists in the blending of American and Mexican culture. Market Square is truly Tex-Mex in full view.

If you are into golf then there are many courses to suit any golfer’s taste and pocketbook.  San Antonio is home to Texas’s first golf course built in 1916 and the state is a famous location for golf with new courses being continually built.  If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s plenty of fishing, hunting and camping as well as white water rafting, canoeing and hiking.

Don’t forget the famous Alamo Museum!  The battle was a very important battle in American history and you can learn all about it by visiting this most fascinating landmark the Lonestar State.

There’s so much to do here that we’re sure your first visit will make you fall in love with our city and dream of your return!

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